Attainment and Progress Report 2017– 2018

There were no pupils eligible for pupil premium in the Early Years / Year 2 data set .

One pupil was eligible for pupil premium in Year 1 and achieved the expected standard in phonics.

Across all year groups, progress data was good for pupils eligible for pupil premium funding.

Three children were eligible for pupil premium in Year 6 in 2018. One out of the three pupils achieved the expected standard reading and writing. The two children, who did not meet the expected standard were both identified as having special educational needs.



No. of pupils Reading, writing & mathematics Reading Writing Mathematics
    School National School Av. score School National School Av. score
All pupils 25 54% 64% 65% (75%) 103 (105) 85% 78% 77% (76%) 103.5 (104.4)
Pupil premium 3 0% 70% 33% (80%) 97.3 (106.1) 33% 83% 0% (81%) 96.3 (105.4)

(National figures in brackets)

Total amount of pupil premium grant received 2017 - 2018:    £21,120

We allocated the funding in 2017 - 2018 in the following ways:

1:1 support with a specialist teacher

Focused teaching assistant support / intervention groups

Individual programmes and resources for learning eg. Lexia, Nessie, Toe by Toe, TT Rockstars

Release time for Assessment Leader and Vice Principal

HLTA Learning Mentor delivery of TAMHs programmes, nurture groups, 1:1 nurture provision   

EWO visits / support

Support for children and training for staff from Applied Psychologies Educational Psychologists

Funding for visits, visitors and residential stays

Access to sports events and clubs